Our latest Sustainability Report

Our People

Our people are the key to our success. We have a responsibility to every member of our diverse team to ensure not only their safety and wellbeing, but to provide development opportunities through education and training. We know that a happy team is a productive one and so we focus on creating an environment and culture where every individual feels valued and is encouraged to be 100% themselves, has the space to be creative, feels motivated to contribute and believes that the possibilities are endless.

Our Products

Stateside Foods prides itself on offering the most appropriate, quality, own label chilled pizzas for each of our customers’ tiers, using the most sustainable packaging solutions available at the time of development. The process starts with expert insight and market analysis, food/packaging trends and cuisine data interpretation, resulting in recipe development, true innovation and where possible, first to market initiatives; This is complemented by our strong programme of operational investment to improve efficiency.

Through our in house expertise in NPD, Commercial including Insight, Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, Technical and Purchasing, we produce the highest quality products at highly competitive prices.

The sourcing of high quality ingredients is one of the key elements to our award winning success. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a business-driven initiative for the development of food safety management systems to ensure food facilities are processing safe food for consumers. We operate a global supply base and only source and purchase from GFSI accredited, fully auditable and traceable sources. We also work collaboratively with our key suppliers to form strategic partnerships for the future protection of our business and to ensure the continuation of high quality sustainable raw materials.

Maintaining a positive quality culture is critical to producing safe and consistent products. The aim of this plan is to ensure that all colleagues are aware of their personal responsibilities to food safety and quality, to empower our people to continually improve. It sets a framework to make the idealogies of food safety both second nature and autonomous, whilst learning from employees to further build and grow. This cultural plan operates universally throughout the business with commitment from the most senior level through to day-to-day production.

Our Environment

We care for this generation and those to follow, we understand our responsibility to drive a positive environmental change. By adopting and developing effective initiatives we can reduce our consumption of packaging and production of waste materials, minimizing our impact on the environment.

We fully back the government ambition to transition towards a zero-carbon economy. Currently 100% of Stateside electricity is green certificated; produced by non-carbon generating renewable sources including from solar and wind farms.

We have embraced the ISO50001 energy management standard, and continue to innovate, taking clear practical steps to reduce carbon from the running of our business.

Our Communities

At Stateside Foods our pledge is to make a positive difference to our local community through our support of charitable causes. We encourage staff to get involved in events and offer match-funding for their efforts. We not only provide donations to a number of worthy charities but we also play a major support role within our community.

One of our key community goals is to increase awareness of Stateside Foods and the food and drink manufacturing industry and to raise the career aspirations of local young people; we do this through our Skills for Success programme available to schools and colleges in Bolton and the surrounding areas.


We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for our employees, where every person can come to work, be 100% themselves and feel valued, supported and able to contribute without discrimination. We want to embrace and celebrate our differences. All of our people are provided with the training, resources and equal opportunities to reach their full potential in everything they do.

We work to make our policies and practices inclusive, so that every member of our team feels a sense of belonging, regardless of gender, age, race, belief, background or ability. We encourage new ideas and new thinking, welcoming everyone to challenge the way we do things, in order to continuously improve and innovate.   

We will continue to focus our work on diversity and inclusion and in turn, support our colleagues’ wellbeing, so that they feel able to communicate openly and honestly, and can therefore develop and succeed.