Sustainability Policies

Sustainability Policies

Sustainability Policy

At Stateside Foods, we prioritise sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Our Sustainability Policy outlines our commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, collaboration, innovation, and transparent reporting. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint, minimise resource consumption, ensure fair and inclusive workplaces, engage with local communities, and drive innovation towards healthier and more sustainable products. We regularly monitor our performance, report transparently on our progress, and continually strive for improvement. We invite you to connect with our Sustainability team for more information and collaboration opportunities.


Energy Management Policy

Efficient energy management lies at the heart of Stateside Foods’ sustainability initiatives, driving our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Our Energy Management Policy outlines our commitment to implementing energy-efficient technologies, complying with legal requirements, setting energy reduction targets, promoting a culture of conservation, and investing in renewable energy sources. We prioritise monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvement, guided by ISO 50001 standards and our broader sustainability objectives. Our top management, energy management team, and employees all play vital roles in supporting these efforts. We invite stakeholders to join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.


Waste Management Policy

Responsible waste management is a core principle at Stateside Foods, guiding our efforts across the entire value chain. Our Waste Management Policy outlines our commitment to minimise waste associated with our raw materials, operations, and finished products. We prioritise the waste hierarchy, aiming for prevention, reuse, redistribution, recycling, and energy recovery. Our commitments include holistic consideration of waste, promoting awareness, legal compliance, sustainable packaging design, waste segregation, consideration of upstream and downstream impacts, food surplus redistribution, and continuous improvement. We emphasise collaboration and innovation to minimise waste and ensure transparency through monitoring, reporting, and regular review. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future.


Zero Deforestation Policy

Recognising the importance of responsibly sourcing key ingredients, Stateside Foods is dedicated to a Zero Deforestation Policy. By 2025, our aim is that all palm oil, soy, and wood-derived products used in our products do not contribute to deforestation or the conversion of natural ecosystems, adhering to the cut-off date[1]. This policy aligns with UK and EU legislation and includes certification requirements such as RSPO for palm oil, low-deforestation risk origins or accepted schemes for soy, and FSC or PEFC certification for wood products. To implement this, we conduct thorough assessments of our current usage, engage with suppliers, and adhere to our customers’ requirements. We will monitor and report our progress annually, ensuring continuous improvement and compliance with our sustainability goals.


Diversity & Inclusion Policy

At Stateside Foods, creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported is fundamental to our ethos. We prioritise diversity and inclusion at all organisational levels, ensuring a discrimination-free atmosphere. Our recruitment process is fair and transparent, actively removing barriers for underrepresented groups. We provide equal opportunities for career development and strive to create a meritocratic culture. Respect and dignity are paramount, with zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or bullying. We celebrate our differences, offering training and resources to help every employee reach their full potential. Our commitment to diversity is reinforced through regular training, accountability, and continuous improvement, ensuring our practices align with these values. By embracing diverse perspectives, we aim to build a stronger, more innovative, and inclusive workplace.


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[1] For suppliers at risk of not meeting the 2025 target, Stateside Foods will work to assess the potential of a transition plan with defined commitments and timescales for becoming soy-free within their operations.