Our Mental Health First Aider’s team has grown!

In December, we were pleased to train a further 19 colleagues in becoming Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA). It was evident that expanding the team could only further benefit our growing number of colleagues and our current MHFA team.

Since the State of Mind programme launched in 2020, we have seen the team grow from strength to strength. They have helped in reducing the stigma around mental health, increased the awareness of mental illness, encouraged early interventions and signposted colleagues to aid recovery and supported individuals to build a supportive workplace that actively encourages open conversations about mental health.

There are now 44 dedicated Mental Health First Aiders across our site covering all departments and shifts. Our diverse MHFA team has a wealth of knowledge, so we hope that should our team need to speak with somebody, there is a member of the MHFA team who they feel they can approach.

Congratulations to our 19 employees who completed the training: Peter McBride, Debra Whittle, Natalie Hilton, Helen Taylor, Jackie Lidgett, Hilary Ward, Hetal Rathod, Ben Pilkington, Shazab Zahra, Aaron Johnson, Oliver Goldthorp, Danielle Edwards, Hayley Brown, Andrew Davidson, James Litten, Daniel Campbell, Gaynor Newnes, Farah Asghar and Nicola Ellis.

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