WHS Oct 23

Delivering the Skills for Success Programme…

Stateside Foods were excited to head back into the classroom last week…

Delivering the Stateside ‘Skills for Success’ programme, year 7 students from Westhoughton High School were keen to find out about the world of opportunities here at Stateside Foods; understanding how all of our departments work together to enable us to produce 3 million pizzas a week.

Students were interested to ask us about the work of our apprentices, how many people Stateside Foods employ and of course… what our favourite pizza toppings were! One of our goals is to increase awareness of Stateside Foods and the food and drink manufacturing industry and to raise the career aspirations of local young people. It was great to hear that many of the students had already heard about Stateside Foods and some had parents or family members working here.

They learnt more about the role of an engineer by taking part in our conveyor challenge when working in small teams they had to create a ‘conveyor belt’ for a ping pong ball (pizza) to travel along.

The students enjoyed developing their team working skills by communicating, listening, problem solving and developing resilience to the activity when they had to think and act fast to succeed at the challenging brief- developing many skills that employers look for when recruiting apprentices and applicants to fulfil the variety of industry roles.

We look forward to welcoming the winning teams back to Stateside Foods in the summer term to enjoy a pizza lunch with a question and answer session with our apprentices.

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