Strictly Learn to Dance in aid of Bolton Hospice!

On Friday 31st March, Cheryl and her daughter Becca finally got to take to the dance floor alongside 20 other couples at the Bolton Stadium for the Bolton Hospice Strictly Learn to Dance Finale! Here’s Cheryl’s journey:

“I heard about the Strictly Learn to Dance in the Stateside Foods Newsletter when Bolton Hospice were looking for couples to take part. I was chatting with my Team Leader Janice saying how I would love to learn to dance as I love watching Strictly and so she emailed and put my name forward, I was so chuffed to be chosen!

My dance partner has been my eldest daughter Becca. We started training in the New Year, having tuition twice a week for three months. Once a week with the hospice, and an extra private class as it’s been so difficult! I’ve no natural rhythm and two left feet, my arms and legs don’t move at the same time and it took three weeks to understand moving to the beat- the teachers really have had their work cut out!


The Strictly Learn to Dance has been so far out of my comfort zone and I can’t believe that come the finale on Friday we knew the full routines for five dances! Salsa was our chosen dance and we were also judged on the quickstep. We also danced with the other performers in a foxtrot, disco and a fun dance. The atmosphere on the night was amazing which was helped by our family and friends who came to cheer us on. We didn’t make the final of the show but we had a fantastic time and made some great friendships along the way.

Taking on the Strictly Learn to Dance has challenged me in ways I didn’t think was possible. As challenging as it was, it has been incredible to raise money for such a fantastic cause- Bolton Hospice. We have been raising money via our JustGiving page amongst friends and family. We have had a collection tin in the Wingates Canteen and Toppings Line 12 Staff also did a cake sale to raise money. We raised over £1100 on our JustGiving and a further £500 in ticket sales which is incredible. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the journey, donated and cheered us on.”

Well done to both Cheryl and Becca for taking on the Strictly Learn to Dance challenge and raising such a fantastic amount for charity! You can watch all of the performances from the night below and Cheryl and Becca’s dances at 39 minutes and 2 hour 52 minutes here.


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