New Mental Health First Aider’s join the Team!

We are pleased to announce an additional 9 Mental Health First Aider’s (MHFA) completed their two day training course on Wednesday 1st March. They now make a team of 30 MHFA’s across the site covering all departments and shifts. Congratulations to Chris Wilcox, Chris Darbyshire, Ian Jackson, Tyler Baxter, John Gaskell, Andrew Davies, Kelly Torkington, Steve Holmes and Vida Bernataviciene.

Stateside Foods have many resources in our State of Mind wellbeing programme to support our colleagues when they are feeling overwhelmed. We don’t want anybody to suffer in silence. No one should be more than one conversation, one call, or one click away from the support they need for their mental wellbeing. Our Mental Health First Aiders are there for our colleagues should they need a friendly face to check in with, support or signposting to the best advice and we are very proud to have extended this valuable team.

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