Apprentice Team Building Residential Week!

Beginning their adventure on Monday 26th September, our 2019 and 2020 team of apprentices set off for South Wales for a week of team building like no other. The event was led by Mike Hopkins from the Development Company.

They took part in a number of events such as: Coasteering, the floating stick, land ski’s, exceptional vs average apprentice classification task, blindfolded navigation communication task, negotiation workshop and a bomb disposal task. These tasks enabled them to develop their: communication, negotiation, resilience, leadership, management, coercion, professionalism, and self-awareness skills.

Joe described some of the challenges the team faced: “One of our toughest activities was called the floating stick, it defeated us twice before we succeeded on our third go. You had  to  lower a stick to the ground as a team. It sounds simple- but it was so difficult! Overall it was a great but challenging week”

Max summarised his time: “All in all I really enjoyed the week and gained some very valuable lessons and experiences from Mike and the team. I now have a number of aspects of my professional and personal life to improve on and work on. As well as this, I have acquired a number of new skills and outlooks to bring into the workplace.”

Nyah summarised her week: ‘Throughout my week at DCO, Mike and the team helped me develop my managerial and team skills in many ways. Specifically my communication skills improved over the week, though leading a range of tasks and receiving specific feedback from every member in the team, and being able to apply this to other tasks. I can now use these skills during my further development at Stateside.’

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