Community Litter Pick

Thank you to our colleagues who volunteered their time to help at our community litter pick on Tuesday 10th May 2022.

They collected 15 bags of rubbish and £150 was donated to both The Christie and Bolton Hospice!







Some benefits to litter picking you might not have thought of…

  • The main one, clean up our local area!
  • Protecting local wildlife.
  • Exercise: Getting outdoors and exercising is great for your physical and mental health!
  • Relax: Take time to slow down, listen to some music or a podcast whilst collecting.
  • Socialise: Collect with your friends and meet new colleagues from Stateside Foods.
  • Fundraise: for every bag of rubbish collected, Stateside will donate £10 to Bolton Hospice and The Christie.

We will inform you of our next litter pick and hope that you can join us!  

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