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Covid-19 Update

At Stateside Foods, the safety and ongoing well-being of our colleagues has been and always will be our main concern.

Stateside Foods supply a number of key retail partners within the UK. During this incredibly challenging time, and working in conjunction with the latest guidance and advice from the UK government we continue to operate on a daily basis.

Stateside Foods is reviewing all actions in order to maintain this supply. The formation of a Coronavirus crisis team has been completed and a summary of their key findings and actions are summarised below :

• Factory attendance – We have adopted several measures to mitigate the impact of this on the business.
o Redeployment of the departments that have seen a reduction in demand i.e.: some office workers, apprentices.
o Family and friends recruitment, where people have already been regrettably laid off temporarily or permanently across other industries.
o Controlled and screened agency workers are being used in critical high volume departments.

• Employee Segregation – We have done a great deal of work to segregate people across the whole site.
o Each team has been split into 2 and placed in different buildings, wherever possible – there is no face to face communication between the floors and buildings – unless business critical.
o We are promoting telephone, What’s App video call, Video conferencing, conference calls as well as a number of colleagues who are able, working from home.
o The changing facilities in both factories and the warehouses have been segregated, so that there is no physical interaction between one shift and the next
o Breaks have been split and canteens have reduced seating, new areas have been adapted to accommodate all.

• Additional actions at site :
o Extra hygiene teams have been deployed, office and production.
o Extra IT equipment / infrastructure has been purchased to facilitate home working
o Stock building all consumables, chemicals, first aid kits, PPE
o No external visitors to site unless business critical.

• Maximising production capacity:
o We have stopped producing some products in order to reduce staff contact and respect social distancing on the line.
o There will be a continual review of current products as ingredient / manning capabilities dictate.
o We will remain in constant communication with our UK retail partners as this occurs.

We are exceptionally proud of those colleagues who are working tirelessly to keep our production facilities open and continuing to feed our nation

Stateside Foods

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I am writing this, not for the benefit of Stateside Foods, but as an employee who feels incredibly lucky, in what has been the most difficult year many of us have faced.